Here is a really restrained MV Bridal set.
The personalized corset is perfectly accentuated by this noble and simple tube skirt.
Variable in thousand ways, highly personalizable in a uniquely haute couture way.

Favorite pieces for weddings held in today’s tight audience, comfortable yet elegant.
No fuss, just the charmingly glittering bride.
… later on this personalised corset looks good with a simple pair of jeans!


The MV pays special attention to comfortable corsets.
Each piece is customized, not only in decoration, but also in basket size and texture.
Our corsets, fish bones and linings are constructed to avoid wearing a separate bra.
Thus, such an MV corset gives the bride a comfortable, insanely sexy feel.

This is also Cherry, but from its other side.
The asymmetry is exciting.
The MV Bride does not care about the limits, she goes beyond the usual schemes.
She is individual, free, multifarious, unfolds without limits, and shows itself.
Meanwhile, She remains classic and tasteful, always.
The MV Bride is exciting.