Magdolna Veronika 

In the Spirit of Haute Couture 

Magdolna Veronika’s creations are characterized by passion and a sense of freedom, celebrating an independent, confident Woman.

 Extravagant style, unique textile solutions, accentuated contrast pairs, accessories and fine, ornat details, a lot of manual work, embroidery and beading, special haute couture techniques and solutions make the fine foundations exciting.

The MV Bridal line is made for brides and merchants, while the casual clothes on offer in the House cater to the needs of the woman who wants a special look, on a made-to-order basis. International standard, based on colorful European culture, preserving and rethinking ancient traditions. This is what Magdolna Veornika  offers its clients in a unique way.

In addition to the unique, personalised gowns, the MV House offers a feeling of specialness and luxury, with the focus on unrepeatable, sensual, and strong Woman.

Restrained breath and longing glances accompany the MV Woman.
Anyone who has ever worn an MV dress is a thuja: it is worth to be breathtaking.